Belt conveyor parts

In the process of conveying parcels and packages, the belt is the carrier of the material conveyed by the belt conveyor, so the belt is rightly an important part of the belt conveyor equipment. But in addition to the belt, the normal operation of the belt conveyor also needs other components to promote together. Conveyor parts include motor and reducer, frame,  legs, conveyor pulley, head pulley, tail pulley, drum pulley, tensioning devices, rollers, roller bearings, sprockets, chains, etc.

Qingdao Palet machinery can customize and manufacture the belt conveyors and supply the belt conveyor parts and sections according to the customer’s requirements.

Belt Conveyor Table

The table is made of a high-quality steel plate or aluminum profile, and the frame is equipped with a conveyor pulley and rollers to drive and support the conveyor belt. The table can be made into a standard length for easy installation and transportation.

 The drum that drives the belt is called the drum pulley (drive pulley). The drum pulley is driven by an electric motor through a reducer, and the drive drum is usually installed at the discharge end to increase the traction force and facilitate dragging. The material is fed in from the feeding end, falls on the rotating conveyor belt, and is transported to the discharging end by the friction of the conveyor belt.

Motorized pulleys are becoming more and more widely used in belt conveyors, and they occupy a large market share in the automated transport of food and pharmaceuticals and express e-commerce sorting.

The head pulley is installed at the front end of the conveyor in the running direction. For short-distance belt conveyors with small loads, the head pulley is also used as a drive pulley. The tail pulley is installed at the back end of the running direction of the belt conveyor. It is usually equipped with a tensioning device to redirect and increase the belt tension.

Take Up Pulley

The pulley that changes the direction of movement of the conveyor belt is called a take-up pulley. It can also increase the wrap angle of the drive pulley to increase the traction of the belt.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is used for carrying and transporting materials in an automated conveyor line. There are many kinds of belt materials, rubber, pvc, PVK, etc., used in different industries. A rubber conveyor belt is generally used in mining and quarrying. PVC conveyor belt is used in the food, medicine, and cosmetic industry. PVK conveyor belt is generally used in logistics, express and e-commerce sorting.

Belt lacing

There are many kinds of belt lacing, common light conveyor belt lacings are pin buckle, wolf tooth mouth, butterfly buckle, zipper buckle, and so on. The use of belt lacing greatly enriches the use of conveyor belt scenery and improves the production efficiency of conveying equipment. As long as there are conveying places, the places where there are no special requirements for conveyor belt joints can be connected with belt lacing.

The rollers support the conveyor belt so that the belt drape does not exceed the specified limit to ensure the smooth operation of the belt. Conveyor rollers are different from gravity rollers in that conveyor rollers have to rotate continuously, so they are of higher quality.

Gear box

 The drive unit is used to transfer traction force from the drive pulley to the conveyor belt through friction to make it move and convey the goods. The Belt conveyor drive unit generally consists of a motor and reducer, according to the belt conveyor load and traction force, it is very important to choose the right reducer.

Timing Belt

In order to increase the efficiency and stability of belt conveyor drive, some belt conveyor drive methods use timing belt drive. This transmission method is simple to install and has low noise.

Sprocket and Chain

Sprocket and chain drive are still the main way of belt conveyor transmission, mainly single sprocket drive and double sprocket drive, for the short conveyor with little load, single sprocket drive is used, for the conveyor with long distance and large load, double sprocket drive is used. Our company can customize and process various belt conveyor sprockets.


Belt conveyor bearing is composed of conveyor pulley bearing and roller bearings, the types of bearings are external bearings, internal bearings, low-temperature bearing, etc. The life of the bearing is very important for the conveyor, the life of our bearing is more than 50,000 hours.

conveyor belt tensioner

The tensioning device is used to create a certain amount of pretension on the belt to prevent the belt from slipping on the drive pulley, and to control the deflection of the belt between the rollers to reduce the conveying force.

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