Telescopic belt conveyor

Telescopic belt conveyor for truck loading unloading

The telescopic belt conveyor is special equipment designed for the loading and unloading of goods in traditional logistics transit yards. It can effectively reduce the damage to the goods in the loading and unloading process, significantly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and reduce the number of round trips, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the personnel.

Telescopic belt conveyor parameter and specification

Diagram of the dimensions of the telescopic belt conveyor

1) The length of the telescopic conveyor (L1) = the length of the wagon (L2) – 2m;
2) If any two of the three, four or five section telescopic belt conveyor models meet a selection length at the same time, the model with fewer sections will be chosen so that the maximum cost saving can be achieved on the basis of meeting the customer’s needs.

telescope belt conveyor parameter

Telescopic conveyor design

Telescopic belt conveyor can convey goods in the following sizes: 100 to 1200 (W), 100 to 1200 (D), 200~1000(H).

The design parameter:the load is 60kg/m, the conveying speed is 20-40m/min, the retracting speed is 10m/min.

 Qingdao Palet machinery can customize and manufacture Telescopic belt conveyor and supply the telescopic conveyor parts and sections according to the customer’s requirements.

The main working conditions of the telescopic belt conveyor are as follows.

1) The normal operating ambient temperature of the telescopic belt conveyor is -15°C to +50°C.
2) The relative humidity of the environment of the telescopic belt conveyor does not exceed 95% (25°C).
3) The power supply of the telescopic belt conveyor is a three-phase alternating current.

Telescopic belt conveyor mechanism

Frame: The overall frame of the telescopic belt conveyor is made of Q345B high-strength plates bent and welded to ensure the strength and stability of the overall equipment. The surface of the frame is sprayed with plastic (the color is subject to the contract between the two parties or otherwise agreed).

Drive unit: The telescopic belt conveyor consists of drive motors, chains, and sprockets, etc. The drive unit uses NORD, SEW three-phase asynchronous motors with stable power performance. The motor protection class is IP55.
The lifting hydraulic system adopts the Italian brand, Hapu hydraulic system, with strong and stable function.

Equipment components: All components of the telescopic belt conveyor are galvanized, blackened, and sprayed with surface treatment.

Telescopic belt conveyor details show

telescopic belt conveyors

Telescopic belt conveyors

telescopic belt conveyor electrical control cabinets

Telescopic belt conveyor electrical control cabinets

telescopic belt conveyor mechanism

Telescopic belt conveyor mechanism

telescopic belt conveyor hydraulic systems

Telescopic belt conveyor hydraulic systems

Lifting cylinders

Lifting cylinders

Telescopic conveyors

Telescopic conveyors

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