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Conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers are the core parts used to support or convey items in belt conveyors, transportadores de rodillos, los transportadores de palets, etc. Qingdao PALET company brings conveyor roller solutions to serve various fields such as picking and distribution in e-commerce, express delivery, pharmaceutical, garment, tobacco and other industries as well as smart manufacturing. We provide more stable and innovative roller products and are committed to providing customized services to help industry users improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics sortation costs.

Conveyor roller types

There are many types of rollers, according to the form of transmission or not: gravity(non-powered)roller and powered roller
According to the roller material: carbon steel roller, stainless steel roller, rubber roller, PVC roller, PU roller, nylon roller
According to the surface condition: glossy roller, covered roller
According to the shape: straight roller, conical roller, groove roller

Gravity and Motorized Rollers

Gravity rollers

rodillos motorizados

Rodillos motorizados

Rueda dentada de rodillos

Rueda dentada de rodillos

O-Belt Drive Rollers

O-Belt Drive Rollers

Conveyor Rollers of various materials

Steel Rollers

stainless steel rollers

Rodillos de acero inoxidable

plastic conveyor rollers

Plastic conveyor rollers

Heavy duty rollers

Heavy duty rollers

Recubierto de goma de los rodillos

Recubierto de goma de los rodillos

rodillo de la pu

Rodillo de la PU

PVC del rodillo

PVC del Rodillo

De Nylon del rodillo

De Nylon Del Rodillo

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