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Sortation conveyor

What is sortation conveyor

Sorting conveyors are special conveyors used for sorting and transporting products. Automatic sorting systems generally consist of automatic control and computerized management systems, automatic identification devices, sorting mechanisms, main conveyors, pre-processing equipment, and sorting roadways.

There are many types of sorting conveyors available here. Depending on the form of spatial arrangement, there are vertical sorters and crossbelt sorters. Depending on the sorting speed, there are high-speed sorters and low-speed sorters. Depending on the form, there are narrow belt sorters and pendulum sorters. So depending on the industry, the size of the item, and the volume handled, you can choose the right sorting conveyor. Qingdao PALET company specializes in the manufacture and design of sorting conveyors, and we can provide you with professional sorting solutions and customization services according to your requirements

Cross Belt Sorters

The Cross Sorting Conveyor features flexible routing, full use of space, and the ability to use a turning conveyor to go up/down hills. Both parallel trackers and destination points can be configured and optimized in a variety of ways to improve system performance. Using the proper layout, multiple sorter zones can be created with just one system.

cross belt sorter

Shoe Sorters

The innovative slip-shoe sorter design features standardized modular components for faster and easier installation and greater flexibility in manifold point placement. Intelligent Sort PLT 2.0 is faster, safer and quicker to the commission, enabling higher throughput rates and more efficient product handling. It’s backed by an outstanding warranty.

Shoe Sorters

Vertical Sorters

The vertical sorting conveyor feed typically begins with a staging conveyor – a simple conveyor belt – located in front of the actual sorter. The operator can manually convey the goods onto this accumulation conveyor – an ideal cost-effective, ergonomic solution.

Vertical Sorters

Tilt Tray Sorter

The traditional flat pallet sorter uses the tray to tilt and gravity to unload the goods. The structure is simple, but has the disadvantages of unstable loading position and long unloading time, thus causing instability at high speed sorting as well as oversized grid opening width. The tilting tray sorter consists of a pallet that can be rotated at the correct shipping opening, and the goods are slid into the shipping opening from the tilting pallet.

Tilt Tray Sorter

Narrow Belt Sorter

The narrow belt sorter uses multiple parallel narrow belts as the conveying surface and a roller jacking gripper as the sorting device, allowing 90° sorting in both directions. The narrow belt sorter is lightweight, easy to maintain, cost effective, and has low overall noise.

narrow belt sorter

Pivot Wheel Sorter

Unlike cross belt sorters with multiple compartments, pivot wheel sorters generally have only 2-3 sorting paths and are more often used for rough sorting of unloaded trucks, sorting of large items, sorting of heavy items, and scanning of loaded trucks. It can effectively reduce the labor intensity of front-line staff, and with the flexibility of input and convenience of application, it has also gained the favor of many users

Pivot Wheel Sorter

Modular Belt Sorter

The ball module with sorting equipment is not limited by climate, working hours and human strength, and can run continuously, with a sorting efficiency of 4,000 pieces/hour, which is 2.5 times that of manual sorting. From unloading and sorting to bagging and sealing and loading, the parcels are automatically scanned, automatically transported and automatically sorted into compartments in just about an hour, saving more than half the time compared to manual sorting, greatly improving processing efficiency and sorting efficiency.

modular belt sorter

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