Gravity Conveyor Roller

gravity conveyor rollers

What is gravity conveyor roller?

The gravity roller is one type of conveyor rollers, a cylindrical component that drives the conveyor belt manually or changes its running direction. It is the main accessory for conveying equipment. Its main function is to transport goods by manually pushing them.

Gravity conveyor roller components and parts

The gravity roller consists of the following and parts.
1. Cylinder body Generally made of tubes. Commonly used raw materials are steel tubes, plastic tubes, high precision and high strength can be made of round steel.
2. Inner shaft Generally made of round steel. Small diameter can be made of cold drawn steel, large diameter and high precision can be made by turning.
3、End caps are generally made of carbon steel. Small diameters and small loads can be processed by punching, while larger diameters or large loads can be processed by turning.
4、Bearing Select the appropriate standard bearing according to the barrel and end cap.

Gravity conveyor roller classification

According to the different drum materials.
1. Carbon steel drums: drum barrels machined from carbon steel tubes.
2、Plastic drums: the drum barrel is processed with plastic tubes.

According to the way the surface treatment of the drum 
1. Electroplated drums i.e. the surface of the drum is electroplated, commonly galvanized, also chrome plated, nickel plated, etc.
2、Plastic coated drums, i.e. the surface of the drum is sprayed with plastic powder, or can be treated by means of spray paint.
3. Rubber-coated rollers, i.e. rollers with a rubber-coated surface, which can be coated with various colors of rubber, with a soft roller surface to reduce the wear and tear of the goods.

According to the different ways of mounting the internal shaft 
1、Fastening with external threads.
2、Fastening with internal threads.
3、Flat tenon type snap-fit.
4、Spring slotted