Belt Conveyor Rollers

Belt conveyor rollers are the most important parts of the belt conveyor and the one that occupies the largest number of parts. It accounts for 35%-40% of the total cost of a belt conveyor. Therefore, choosing quality-assured conveyor rollers can improve the service life of the conveyor and save a large part of investment.

Belt conveyor rollers are different from gravity rollers, although the composition form and appearance are nearly the same. However, belt conveyor rollers have a larger load capacity and have a corresponding limitation on speed. So the material and bearing of the carrier roller, and the sealing of the bearing are very important. Qingdao Palet company specializes in the manufacture and design of belt conveyor rollers and can customize different types of belt conveyor rollers according to customer requirements.

Belt conveyor rollers for bulk handling

Flat rollers are important parts of a belt conveyor, with many types and large quantities. It accounts for 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor and bears more than 70% of the resistance, so the quality of the rollers is especially important. The role of the falt rollers is to support the conveyor belt and the weight of the material. The operation of the rollers must be flexible and reliable. Qingdao PALET machinery specializes in the manufacture and production of rollers

Impact rollers are used in the belt conveyor receiving material to slow down the impact of falling material on the conveyor belt, with wear resistance, good lubrication, and use in corrosive environments. Impact rollers are the kind that is underneath the conveyor, which can well reduce the impact on the conveyor belt. Impact rollers are made of special polymer material, which is light in weight, and can effectively reduce the friction between them.

Spiral rollers are mainly used to clean the debris adhering to the tape and can play a certain role in adjusting the deflection. The structure is in the form of a spiral round steel with a diameter of about 10 to 14 mm welded on the top of the common roller or a spiral groove cast rubber sleeve on the outer surface. It increases the wear resistance of the whole roller and can thoroughly clean up the adhesions on the tape. Ensure the service life of belt conveyor tape.

Buffer roller is mainly used in the belt conveyor receiving material, the role of slowing down the impact of falling material on the conveyor belt. It is mainly used in coal washing plant, coking plant, chemical plant and other corrosive materials  conveying and developed a type of rollers. It has strong toughness, which is more than 10 times of common metal, and its corrosion resistance is strong, and its service life is more than 5 times of common rollers.

The three-roller troughing idlers are mostly used for the upper rollers. the V-shaped upper rollers consist of three rollers, each of which has an inclination angle of about 10-15 degrees. Compared with the existing technology, the new V-shaped pallet roller has the features of simple structure, easy processing, easy installation and disassembly and maintenance, and self-cleaning ability, etc. Therefore, it has good promotion and use value.


2-Roller troughing idlers(v shaped rollers)

 The two-roller V-shaped rollers are mostly used for the lower rollers and less for the upper rollers. the V-shaped lower rollers consist of two rollers, each with an inclination angle of about 10-15 degrees. The structure is composed of end big plate, center small plate and rotating shaft, end big roller and center small roller are set on the rotating shaft, and the two rollers are fixed on the end big plate and center small plate respectively.

self aligning idler

V type self aligning idler for belt conveyor

The self aligning idler are mainly used to support the conveyor belt and the material on the belt, and are the support devices to ensure the stable operation of the conveyor belt. Tapered centering rollers can show good value and contribution in use, and ensure to play an important role in transporting materials. The good product characteristics of tapered centering rollers make them play an important role in different fields and industries

self-centering roller

Self aligning idler

The role of the self aligning roller is to correct the runout of the belt conveyor, usually the heavy-duty section of the conveyor is installed with slewing groove centering roller, and the no-load section is installed with parallel centering roller. When the conveyor belt is deflected, the edge of the tape is in contact with the vertical roller.  it gives the tape a frictional thrust in the other direction, so that the tape returns to its original position and achieves the purpose of automatically adjusting the tape center.

tapered rollers for belt conveyors

Tapered conveyor rollers for belt conveyor

There are two kinds of tapered rollers, tapered upper centering rollers and tapered lower centering rollers, tapered rollers have wear resistance and long service life. Light weight, small rotational inertia. Reasonable structure, reliable sealing. Excellent anti-corrosion performance. Three tapered rollers can be assembled together to have the function of centering.

Belt guide rollers

Belt guide rollers

Belt guide rollers are connected to the centering bracket and installed on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent the belt from deflection, which can effectively make the belt run smoothly. It is used in chemical plants, cement plants, sintering plants, power plants, mines and other dusty and corrosive environments, and its superiority is obviously higher than other types of rollers.

Friction roller for belt conveyor

Friction roller for belt conveyor

The function of the friction roller is to support the weight of the conveyor belt and the material on the belt conveyor. Friction rollers are flexible in operation. Reducing the friction between the belt conveyor and the friction roller plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt. Qingdao PALET company specializes in the design and processing of various friction rollers.

Sweeping rollers for belt conveyor

Rubber disc return idlers

The main features of comb cleaning rollers are: elastic cleaning type ring rubber rings are installed at intervals on the surface of the roller body to clean the sticky materials on the carrying surface of the conveyor belt. The comb roller automatically sweeps the material bonded on the return belt to remove the fine grains or powdery materials adhering to the belt surface.

Belt conveyor rollers for parcel handling

belt conveyor roller

Flat conveyor rollers

Since belt conveyor flat rollers account for the largest number of belt conveyor components, maintenance is particularly important for belt conveyor rollers. The belt conveyor rollers should be maintained in a dry environment during use, and the damaged rollers should be replaced in time. Clean up the material attached to the rollers in time. Keep the roller surface clean.

heavy duty conveyor rollers

Heavy duty conveyor rollers

The heavy-duty conveyor roller is specially designed for conveying bulky and heavy items, and the load-bearing capacity per unit area is larger than that of ordinary rollers, generally using four bearings installed at each end of the roller. It can withstand relatively large impact and load, generally used in large goods logistics conveying, pallet conveying and other occasions.

Conveyor pulleys

The conveyor pulley is the most important part of belt conveyor, which plays a great role for belt transmission, changing conveyor steering, and increasing belt traction. There are many types of conveyor pulleys, drum pulleys, head pulleys and tail pulleys, take-up pulleys, snub pulleys, bend pulleys, etc. Its diameter is larger than that of the conveyor rollers, and it has to bear a larger load.

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