Pharmaceutical Industry Solution

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is a traditional industry in industrial production, with the rise of intelligent manufacturing, the major pharmaceutical companies for the pharmaceutical industry automation solutions are increasing demand. The automation solution for pharmaceutical production line mainly includes pharmaceutical automatic three-dimensional warehouse, pharmaceutical warehouse sorting conveyor line, intelligent robot, etc.

Warehouse Storage Systems and Solutions

Pharmaceutical warehousing management occupies a large part in the pharmaceutical industry, and the so-called pharmaceutical logistics is not as simple as simply entering, storing, selling and distributing. Pharma’s automated storage systems and solutions include 3D warehouses, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), roller conveyor systems, pallet conveyor systems, PLC systems, and WMS warehouse management systems.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical warehouse sorting conveyor line

Pharmaceutical logistics means: through the current warehousing logistics technology and logistics management system to form a completed sales system, which contains acceptance, storage, distribution, sorting, delivery, monitoring and other content. The production line of pharmaceutical automation includes belt conveyors, roller conveyors, sorting conveyors, etc. Pharmaceutical logistics is the purpose of relying on modern technology to improve order processing capabilities, increase sorting speed, avoid sorting errors, shorten distribution time, and improve efficiency.

Large pharmaceutical industry towards automation, intelligent development, the initial will invest a considerable amount of money, but from the long-term development point of view, through modern technology to improve service levels, to achieve storage and distribution controllability, reduce logistics costs, so the initial investment is worth it. So choose the right automation solution, for enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency is very important. Qingdao PALET company designs and manufactures automated production lines for the pharmaceutical industry, and can provide customized and automated solutions for customers.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry intelligent robot

What can an intelligent robot do in the pharmaceutical industry? Sorting, handling, palletizing, cartoning, loading and unloading, boxing, testing and other processes are almost always on stage. Our company designs and provides automated robot solutions based on the process requirements in the pharmaceutical industry’s automated production lines.

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