Portable Conveyor

What is Portable Conveyor

The portable conveyor uses a roller as the conveying carrier, which can be easily and flexibly arranged by means of scissor-type telescopic support with movable castors, adjustable telescopic distances, and with the possibility of turning at certain angles.

The portable conveyor can be freely retracted in the length direction, flexibly controlling the length of the conveyor, and can run in both directions to convey materials. Widely used in the logistics conveying industry, goods in and out of storage, vehicle loading and unloading and automated conveying systems, industries including tobacco, post, and telecommunications, feed, ports, warehouses, light industry, food, etc.

Portable Roller Conveyor
Portable Conveyor

Portable Conveyor Type

1、According to the power type conveying carrier can be divided into: O-belt roller conveying, chain drive roller conveying, and electric roller conveying.

2、The rollers are classified according to the material: carbon steel galvanized, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, rubber covered, or plastic steel.

Conveyor Type Features

  1. Small footprint; simple structure
  2. Relatively more flexible in use, its maximum swing angle can reach 180 degrees
  3. Installation of castor device, easy to move
  4. The height of the stand can be freely adjusted to form a slope or inclined surface, which can face most conditions and work easily
  5. Improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce damage to goods, reduce loading and unloading costs, etc.