Transfer Conveyor

What is transfer conveyor

Transfer conveyor is generally used in automatic production line, which can automatically control 90° change of direction conveying equipment, used to change the conveying direction of the items, and move and feed the items from the fork path into the main conveying line. It can provide various functions such as jacking, transition, turning, tilting, positioning and shifting. It is a kind of special equipment to take over the conveying role in the transmission process and is generally configured in the complete set of conveying system.

Types of transfer conveyor

Transfer conveyor is one of the standardized forms of conveying equipment for pallet conveying system, divided into two types of transfer roller conveyor and chain transfer conveyor. And transfer conveyors can be divided into two types according to their transplanting methods: 1. cam top lift 2. cylinder top lift.

Roller Transfer Conveyor

Transfer Roller Conveyor

Chain Ttransfer Conveyor

Chain Transfer Conveyor

90 degree transfer conveyor

90 degree transfer conveyor

Pop Up Transfer Conveyor

Pop Up Transfer Conveyor

Transfer conveyor design and specification

The mechanical part of the transfer conveyor mainly consists of a driving trolley, air circuit control, jacking mechanism, and other parts. The equipment adopts PLC programmable control. The type of conveyor we provide is designed with a rated load capacity of ≤2000kg (driving power is configured according to the unit weight required for the project tender). In roller conveyors and chain conveyors, the transfer conveyor is preferred as the transportation equipment when the sorting speed is less than 30 pieces/minute.

The transfer conveyor designed and supplied by Qingdao palet company mainly consists of the combination of the upper transfer assembly (roller conveyor/chain conveyor) and the lower jacking part. The structure of the transfer unit is the same as that of the roller conveyor/chain conveyor, and the lifting action is performed by two sets of cam motion mechanisms. The advantages of this mechanism are simple structure, high versatility of equipment and easy maintenance.

Applications of transfer conveyor

The Transfer conveyor is normally located in a low position. When the goods are conveyed to this conveyor, the photoelectric open light detects and positions the goods, causing the transfer conveyor to lift, transferring the goods to the adjacent conveyor at 90° to the forward direction of the pallet. After completing a lift cycle, it is ready to receive the next load.

Basic process requirements

All types of load transfer conveyors in this series are designed to meet the following requirements. Mechanically driven lifting. The frame and general components are descaled, degreased and painted, galvanized, or oxidized. All fasteners are galvanized or oxidized.

Transfer conveyor details

Main frame

Main frame

The structure is consistent with the structure of chain conveyor and roller conveyor.

Drive unit

Drive unit

General description: The standard drive unit of the lifting mechanism consists of 1 pedestal-type gear motor driving double sprockets. The double sprockets drive 2 sets of independent cam lifting mechanism, and this structure ensures uniform force at each corner end of the transfer conveyor.

Safety and Maintenance

Other than general lubrication and periodic inspections, this equipment requires no special maintenance.

Advantage and disadvantage of transfer conveyor

The main advantages are right angle turn: right angle turn under the condition of limited space, with the advantage of saving space, and economical, cost-effective, modular design, easy to assemble, humanized design, electrostatic spraying on the surface, beautiful appearance, motor-driven lifting, lifting capacity, four corner position flex arm lifting, lifting smoothly, reliable positioning.

The disadvantage is that the cost is too high, the conveying speed is slow, and there are certain requirements for the height of the conveyor. The original running direction will be changed after the item passes through the jacking transplanter.

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