Impact rollers

impact roller

Impact rollers are used in the belt conveyor receiving material to slow down the impact of falling material on the conveyor belt, with wear resistance, good lubrication, and use in corrosive environments. Impact rollers are the kind that is underneath the conveyor, which can well reduce the impact on the conveyor belt. Impact rollers are made of special polymer material, which is light in weight, and can effectively reduce the friction between them.

impact roller drawing

1. The fasteners connected with the intermediate frame are included in this assembly drawing.
2. There are two kinds of rollers for the carrier roll: seamless steel pipe with pressed bearing seat and cast iron bearing seat. There are two kinds of roller shaft: light pull shaft and step shaft.
3. Weight column in brackets for the ladder shaft with seamless steel tube cast iron seat, outside the brackets for the light pull shaft with seamless steel tube stamping seat.
4. The table below the slanting line is the value of flat lower roller and above is the value of flat upper roller.
5. When there is no special requirement for different combination of tube and bearing seat, it is decided by the manufacturer itself.

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