Tail Pulley

What is tail pulley?

The tail pulley is installed at the rearmost end of the belt conveyor. The tail pulley mainly plays a steering role and has a smooth surface. Generally, the head pulley and the tail pulley are indispensable. For short belt conveyors, the head pulley can be used as a drum pulley. For long belt conveyors, the drive pulley is usually installed in the middle of the belt conveyor, and the tail pulley and the head pulley can be made into the same structure.

Parts and components of the tail pulley

The tail pulley is composed of parts such as shaft, bearing, external pulley, and snap spring. For protection purposes, some belt conveyors need to be equipped with tail pulley guards. Depending on the design structure of the conveyor, it is possible to use a bearing with seat, which is installed on the conveyor body. It is also possible to use built-in bearings, which are installed inside the tail pulley.

Types of tail pulley

Steel tail Pulley-standard pulley

Qingdao PALET Company processes and sells standard conveyor tail pulleys with high quality and low price. We can also process and customize non-standard pulleys according to customers’ drawings and sizes, or customers’ requirements.

tail pulleys

Drum Diameter: 80-1400mm

Drum Lenghth: 200-1400mm

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: Mild Steel 

Delivery: Global Market

Usage: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Express E-commerce parcel sorting, Household appliances industry, etc

Stainless steel tail pulley

The tail pulley material is processed using 304 or 310, 316 stainless steel for food grade industry, or pharmaceutical industry, and corrosion resistant industry. If you have special requirements for the material, please specify the application and working conditions.

stainless steel tail pulleys

Drum Diameter: 80-2000mm

Drum Lenghth: 200-2000mm

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: Stainless Steel 

Delivery: Global Market

Usage: Food Industrial conveyor, Fresh delivery and sorting, Pharmaceuticals Industrial conveyor

Tail Pulley Lagging

The pulley lagging protects the drum surface from erosion and extends the life of the pulley. It also protects the pulleys from environmental influences and oxidation.

tail pulley lagging

Drum Diameter: 200-1400mm

Drum Lenghth: 500-1400mm

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: Mild Steel and Rubber

Delivery: Global Market

UsageWidely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power, grain industry. Small and medium-sized tail pully are widely used in automated conveying,sorting industries,security check, logistics, food, medicine, agricultural products, meat processing and other industries

Tail pulley function

1. Change the running direction of the conveyor belting
2. Tighten the belt to increase the friction and the wrapping angle of the conveyor

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