Types Of Conveyor Gearbox

The conveyor gearbox is the conveying mechanism of motor power, using the speed converter of gears to decelerate the motor speed to the running speed required by the conveyor and to get a larger torque. The conveyor gearbox is the core of the conveyor system, it transmits the power to the pulley, sprocket and chain, a conveyor roller, then they pull the belting, rollers, and chain to move,so that the goods and parcels can be moved and stopped. So the conveyor gearbox is an important part of the conveying system. There are four kinds of conveying systems below, belt conveyor system, chain conveyor system, roller conveyor system, and pallet conveyor system, and each system has various types of reducers, which need to be noted when selecting.

Belt conveyor system

Belt conveyors are used to conveying items and packages in horizontal, inclined or turning directions. Belt conveyors include heavy-duty conveyors and light-duty conveyors. Parallel shaft helical gearboxes, helical-bevel gearboxes, and helical turbo gearboxes are widely used in light load belt conveyors. These gearboxes are generally used in the logistics industry, sorting centers, express e-commerce, food industry, medical industry, etc.
For heavy-duty belt conveyors generally use cylindrical gear reducers with 2, 3, 4 reduction stages, etc. Cylindrical gear reducers are generally used in mining, coal mining, quarrying plants, ports, grain, cement, construction, and other industries.

Chain conveyor system

A chain conveyor is used to convey materials with a chain as traction and carrier. Chain conveyor has a large conveying capacity, mainly conveying pallets, line boards, material boxes, large crates, etc. Parallel shaft helical gear reducers, parallel shaft helical gearboxes, spiral bevel gear reducers,s and coaxial helical hardened gear reducers are most widely used in chain conveyor systems.

Roller conveyor system

A Roller conveyor is conveying equipment that uses a number of rollers mounted on a frame to move objects. According to the shape, load and working condition of the conveyed objects, roller conveyors are divided into common roller conveyors and heavy-duty roller conveyors. Individual roller conveyors generally have a short conveying distance and compact installation space, so they use parallel shaft helical gearboxes, worm gearboxes, and helical-bevel gearboxes of small size. When the roller conveyor needs to convey heavier weight and larger volume items, you need to choose to use a reducer model with higher power and torque.

Pallet conveyor system

The pallet conveyor system takes the pallet as the load-bearing unit, and the conveying equipment includes: chain conveyor, roller conveyor, transfer conveyor, pallet elevator, palletizer and depalletizer, etc. Because the system is composed of a variety of devices, there are various types of gearboxes. Helical gearbox, worm gearbox, planetary gearbox, helical-turbine gearbox,cycloid gear reducer, etc. are very widely used in pallet conveying systems.

Whether our machines and equipment can work properly or not, it is very important that the gear reducer can operate properly. Therefore, the maintenance of the gear reducer is also very important. Many people are always concerned about maintenance or don’t know how to maintain it, and then wait until the gear reducer appears. The problem is that gearboxes can only be repaired. So we must choose the conveyor gearbox manufacturers with reliable products.

Gearboxes details

The following lists several types of gearboxes commonly used in conveyor systems. You can choose horizontal or vertical installation according to the arrangement of the conveyor drive, and choose normal gearboxes, light load gearboxes or heavy load gearboxes according to the load.

belt conveyor gearbox
heavy duty belt conveyor gearbox
roller conveyor gearbox
heavy duty roller conveyor gearbox
chain conveyor gearbox
pallet conveyor gearbox
transfer conveyor gearbox
pallet elevator gearbox

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