Pallet roller conveyors

The pallet roller conveyor is one of the standardized forms of conveying equipment for the pallet conveying systems, which is widely used and frequently used, with the following reference pictures.

Pallet roller conveyors
Pallet roller conveyors

General technical characteristics

The pallet roller conveyor is a steel roller contacting the pallet for conveying, the roller can be divided into two rows, three rows ……, its rated design bearing capacity is generally ≤1500kg, maximum 3000kg, the specifications of the drive unit is designed according to the project handling unit cargo requirements and the drive speed required by the system. The height of the equipment is minimum 100mm.

The following parameters are used for the design of the pallet roller conveyor, which can be changed accordingly for special working conditions.
Roller diameter 76/89mm.
Roller pitch 134.8/150.8/198.3/214.3mm ……
Frame and general parts are descaled, degreased and sprayed, galvanized, or oxidized.
All fasteners are galvanized or oxidized.

Applications:Pallet roller conveyors are used in similar scenarios as pallet chain conveyors and are mostly used in cargo handling systems where the pallet carrying structure is parallel to the conveying direction.

Pallet roller conveyor components

Pallet roller conveyors mainframe


Both sides of the frame are made of steel plate bending, and the holes are opened on the frame according to the roller spacing, and both sides of the frame are connected with the roller itself through the legs, so the overall rigidity is stronger.

Sprocket Roller

Roller structure

The standard outer diameter of the roller is 76/89mm, the wall thickness of the roller is ≥3mm, with built-in bearings and a welded sprocket at one end for easy installation, smooth operation and low noise. Roller guide adopts combined guide disc or guide edge.

Drive Chain

Drive Chain

Adopt high quality brand high strength 10A-1 roller chain, only need to add lubricant to maintain, low daily maintenance needs.

Drive unit

Drive unit

There are two types of drives: one is an intermediate drive, where the gear motor is mounted on a bracket under the main frame, and the other is a direct drive of the drum with a gear motor, which in turn drives the other drums through a ring chain located at either end. The intermediate drive is generally standard for this type of conveyor, and the drive components are fixed to the roller conveyor frame structure using a lifting method.

Maintenance & Security

This type of roller conveyor is simple in design and easy to maintain. No special maintenance is required except for general lubrication and periodic inspection.

A steel plate is used to cover the chain and sprockets at the drive end of the drum, and all drive systems and chains are equipped with guards to prevent accidental hazards. However, the design of the guard takes into account the ease of disassembly and installation for maintenance with simple tools.
Additional guards are provided in areas where we believe accidental damage may occur to prevent unauthorized personnel from approaching and causing accidental injury.
A fixed end stop is provided on the unit to prevent cargo from crossing over.
The drive motor is protected with IP55 rating.

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