Conveyor chain sprockets

conveyor chain sprockets

A conveyor chain sprocket is a wheel with inlaid snap teeth to engage with a block of accurate pitch on a chain link ring. Chain sprocket is widely used in belt conveyors, roller conveyors, pallet conveyors, chain conveyors, the chemical industry, textile machinery, escalator, wood processing, three-dimensional warehouse, agricultural machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries of mechanical transmission, etc.

Conveyor sprockets standard

Chain sprocket industry-standard DIN, ISO, ANSI, JIS, BS

Example of chain sprocket type: ISO05B,for chain according to DIN8187 ISO/R606
ASA35/40, for chain according to DIN8188 ISO/R606
Platewhells 20*16mm for chains according to DIN8164
Tabletop wheels(Pitch=100mm) for chains according to DIN8153

ANSI: American National Standards Institute
Example: NO.40, Pitch 1/2″, Roller Diameter 0.312″.
NO.60, Pitch 3/4″, Roller Diameter 0.468″.

JIS: Japanese IndustrialStandards
Example: FBN40B, Pitch=12.70mm, Roller Diameter 7.92mm.
FBN60B, Pitch=19.05mm, Roller Diameter 11.91mm.

Conveyor sprocket material

The material of chain sprocket should ensure that the teeth have enough strength and wear resistance, so the teeth of chain sprockets are generally heat-treated to make them reach a certain hardness. Generally, chain sprockets are made of alloy steel, and large sprockets can be made of cast steel. For the chain wheel with impact load, the tooth surface hardness should reach 50-60HRC, and for the chain wheel with high strength requirement and wear resistance, the tooth surface hardness should reach 40-50HRC.

Conveyor chain sprockets types

Small diameter sprocket is generally made into integral type (Fig. a), medium diameter sprocket is mostly made into spoke plate type, and holes are opened in the spoke plate for easy handling, card loading and weight reduction (Fig. b), and large diameter sprocket can be made into combined type (Fig. d), at which time the tooth ring and core can be made of different materials. For example, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials.

conveyor chain sprockets types

Conveyor chain sprockets dimensions

Qingdao Palet company can process and manufacture various sizes of sprockets according to the size provided by customers, and can also design and customize non-standard sprockets for customers according to their requirements.

Chain sprockets dimensions-small sprocket

conveyor chain sprockets dimensions

Chain sprockets dimensions-large sprocket

conveyor chain sprockets dimensions-large sprocket

Conveyor chain sprockets maintenance

1、The elasticity of the sprocket should be suitable, too tight will increase the power consumption and the bearing will be easily worn; too lose the sprocket will be easily jumped and taken off the chain. The looseness of the sprocket is about 2%-3% of the center distance of the two sprockets when it is lifted or pressed down from the middle of the sprocket.
2、The sprocket should be installed on the shaft without swinging and skewing. The end surfaces of two sprockets in the same transmission assembly should be located in the same plane, and there should not be the phenomenon of friction on the side of sprocket teeth, if the offset of two wheels is too large, it is easy to produce chain removal and accelerate wear. When replacing the sprocket, attention must be paid to checking and adjusting the offset.
3、After the sprocket is worn seriously, it should be replaced with new sprocket and new chain wheel at the same time to ensure good engagement.
4、If the new sprocket is too long or elongated after use, it is difficult to adjust, the chain link can be removed depending on the situation, but it must be an even number. The chain link should be passed through the back of the sprocket, the locking piece should be inserted outside, and the opening of the locking piece should face the opposite direction of rotation.
5、The sprocket should be filled with lubricant in time during work. The lubricant must enter the mating gap of the roller and inner sleeve to improve the working condition and reduce the wear.

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