Pallet chain conveyor

The pallet chain conveyor is used to transport pallets with chains as traction and carrier. It is one of the standardized forms of conveying equipment for pallet conveying systems, and it is also the most widely used and frequently used model, with the following reference pictures.

Pallet chain conveyor
Pallet chain conveyor

General technical design and specifications

A pallet chain conveyor is a double-row chain contacting the pallet for conveying, and the frame can be divided into two rows, three rows, and four rows according to the size of the pallet and the amount of weight to be carried. The drive structure of the pallet chain conveyor is similar to that of the pallet roller conveyor. The specifications of the drive unit are designed according to the project handling unit cargo requirements and the drive speed required by the system. 

The conveyor includes the following modular design components that can be easily assembled into a specific conveying system.
A special pressed “C-shape” of 4 mm thick Q235A sheet is used to fix the two guide rails and the sprockets. Two double rows of chains are placed on the rails to support and convey the goods. The high molecular weight polymer guide rail plays the role of chain guide and cargo support. Each set of chains has a special tensioning device for chain tensioning.
The driving device is suspended under the frame, which includes the driving shaft, sprocket, reducer motor, etc. The power is transmitted to the conveyor chain through the sprocket, chain, and the sprocket at the other end of the driving shaft.

 Qingdao Palet machinery can customize and manufacture the pallet chain conveyor and supply the pellet conveyor parts and sections according to the customer’s requirements.

Pallet chain conveyor components

Pallet chain conveyor chain

Conveyor Chain

This support chain is a conveyor-specific double-row roller chain, which has a larger contact area with the pallet. The use of this special chain helps to convey goods from one conveyor to another smoothly and minimize damage to the goods; the special transition adopts a wide and narrow structure or adds transition rollers.

Pallet chain conveyor drive unit

Drive unit

There are 2 types of drives: center drives, where the motor and drive shaft are mounted in the middle of the conveyor, and end drives, where the motor is mounted at the discharge end of the conveyor. Usually the center drive provides a more satisfactory drive than the end drive, so the standard center drive is used in general applications.

Safety Performance

Pallet chain conveyor is equipped with safety devices, including IP55 protective housing for motor and terminal box, protective cover for drive output part and tensioning frame to prevent accidental injury when the conveyor is in operation, and additional protective facilities for some exposed parts to prevent unrelated personnel from approaching.v

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