Troughing idlers

Troughing idlers

The three-roller troughing idlers are mostly used for the upper rollers. the V-shaped upper rollers consist of three rollers, each of which has an inclination angle of about 10-15 degrees. Compared with the existing technology, the new V-shaped pallet roller has the features of simple structure, easy processing, easy installation and disassembly and maintenance, and self-cleaning ability, etc. Therefore, it has good promotion and use value.

Troughing idlers drawing

1. The fasteners connected with the intermediate frame are included in this assembly drawing.
2. There are two kinds of rollers for the carrier roll: seamless steel pipe with pressed bearing seat and cast iron bearing seat. There are two kinds of roller shaft: light pull shaft and step shaft.
3. There are three kinds of troughing rollers, standard troughing rollers, rubber troughing rollers and spring plate troughing rollers
4. When there is no special requirement for different combination of tube and bearing seat, it is decided by the manufacturer itself.

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