Conveyor Belting

The conveyor belt is rubber and fiber, a metal composite product used in a belt conveyor belt to carry and transport materials, or a plastic and fabric composite product. The conveyor belt is widely used in food, medical, express sorting, cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries where the conveying distance is long and the conveying volume is large. There are many types of conveyor belting, mainly using rubber belts or plastic belts.

Conveyor belt types

The belting of belt conveyor is used to carry materials and transfer traction, which is one of the core parts of the conveyor. Its quality and price directly affect the quality of the conveyor. So it is crucial to choose the right conveyor belt.

One:Belt core fabric

There are nylon core conveyor belt, cotton canvas core conveyor belt, polyester fabric core conveyor belt and steel cord core conveyor belt, according to the different fabrics of the belt core.

Two: Performance of rubber surface

According to the different performance of rubber surface,there are normal type, heat-resistant type, acid-resistant type, alkali-resistant type and oil-resistant type.

Three: Conveyor Belt Thickness

According to different thickness, there are 1mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm…….

Four: Material of rubber surface

According to the different materials of rubber surface, there are PVC ((Polyvinylchloride) polyvinyl chloride) conveyor belt, PU (polyurethane) conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt, SIR (silicone) conveyor belt, felt conveyor belt, PVK conveyor belt.

Five:Belting Type

According to the different types of conveyor belt styles, there can be skirt conveyor belt, baffle conveyor belt, non-slip pattern conveyor belt, guide belt, synchronous belt ……


According to the different patterns of conveyor belt, herringbone conveyor belt, I-beam conveyor belt, straw conveyor belt, polka dot conveyor belt, I-beam conveyor belt, crescent conveyor belt, diamond conveyor belt, and diamond pattern, straight stripe, golf pattern, scrub pattern, saw tooth pattern

Seven: Conveyor Belt Color

White, green, transparent, black, blue, orange, dark green, gray conveyor belt

General Use PVC Conveyor Belts

Food Grade PVC Conveyor Belts

Green PVC Conveyor Belt

Inclined climbing pvc belt

PVK Belt

PVK Belt Detail

3mm PVK Belt

PVK belt for sortation conveyor

Nylon Conveyor Belt

Polyesteramine conveyor belt

Heat resistant conveyor belt

Ring conveyor belt

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