PVC Conveyor Belt

PVC conveyor belt is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is composed of polyester fiber cloth and PVC adhesive. Its working temperature is generally from -10° to +80°, and its jointing method is generally an international tooth-shaped joint, which is suitable for transmission in various complex environments with good lateral stability.

The PVC belt is the most widely used industrial belt, which plays an important role in conveying and transit in industrial production, together with the PVK conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt.

PVC Conveyor belt served industries

Food Industry
Logistics industry
Packaging industry
Printing industry
Tobacco industry
Wood industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Home appliance manufacturing industry
Aquaculture industry

Various colors of pvc belts in stock

Red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue-green, transparent, different thicknesses, thicknesses from 0.8MM to 11.5MM can be produced and made.

Types of PVC Conveyor Belt

food grade pvc belt

Food grade pvc conveyor belt

green pvc conveyor belt

Green pvc conveyor belt

Regular industrial pvc conveyor belt

Industrial pvc conveyor belt

sidewall conveyor belting

Sidewall conveyor belting

ModelBelt StructureBelt surface shapeBelt bottom shapeThickness(mm)Tension strength(N/mm)Required tension for 1 % extension(N)Minimum pulley diameter(㎜)Weight(kg/㎡)
1B1J1ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric1≥80≥8401.1
2B2J-22ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric2≥140≥8602.5
2B2J-32ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric3≥140≥8903.7
2B2J-3Z2ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceRhombus fabric3≥170≥101003.76
2B2JZ-32ply Back PVC Fabric BackRhombus surfaceFlat fabric3≥170≥101003.76
3B3J-43ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric4≥170≥151504.82
3B3J-53ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric5≥350≥151806.1
3B3J-5Z3ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceRhombus fabric5≥350≥151806.1
2B2J-52ply Back PVC Fabric BackGrassy surfaceFlat fabric5≥170≥101505.25
4B4J-64ply Back PVC Fabric BackFlat surfaceFlat fabric6≥400≥181506.5

PVC Conveyor belt application

1、Glossy pvc conveyor belt: commonly used for conveying horizontal surface items.
2、Grass pattern pvc conveyor belt: commonly used for conveying climbing items.
3、Herringbone pattern guide strip pvc conveyor belt: fast conveying climbing items.
4、Rubbed pvc conveyor belt: more used in wood industry.
5、Straight stripe pvc conveyor belt: horizontal conveying to prevent items from slipping back and forth.
6、Guide strip pvc conveyor belt: prevent the belt from running off when conveying horizontally

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