Rubber Conveyor Belting

The rubber conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belting made of rubber as raw material, it is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas or polyester canvas covered with high-temperature resistant rubber or rubber on top and bottom, which is bonded together by high-temperature vulcanization. Rubber conveyor belt has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, wear-resistant belt, burn resistant belt, oil resistant belt, alkali resistant belt, alkali resistant belt, heat resistant belt, cold resistant belt and so on. It is mainly used for solid material conveying in various mines, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, the chemical industry, grain and other enterprises.

Types of conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is the main part of the belt conveyor. In terms of microstructure, a conveyor belt mainly consists of three major parts: skeleton material, cover layer and backing material, among which the cover layer is the key part to determine its performance and usage. The former is mainly made of rubber (including natural rubber and synthetic rubber), so it is also called a rubber conveyor belt, and its scope of use is concentrated in heavy industry and infrastructure construction; the latter mainly uses polymer materials and is mainly used in food, electronics and other light industry fields.

Steel cord conveyor belt

Steel cord conveyor belt

Nylon Conveyor Belt

Nylon conveyor belt

White conveyor belt

White conveyor belt

Heat resistant conveyor belts

Heat resistant conveyor belt

sidewall belting

Sidewall belting

herringbone conveyor belt

Herringbone conveyor belt

Rubber conveyor belt advantage

1、Good elasticity and impact resistance. Rich in unique elasticity, can absorb shock very well.  
2、Small elongation for fixed load and small elongation for use. The elongation of the rubber conveyor belts is better than that of nylon conveyor belt and other fabric core conveyor belt, which can shorten the exporting stroke and save the equipment cost in use, and is suitable for long-distance material conveying.  
3、Good water resistance. In the wet environment, the strong adhesive temperature of the tape does not decrease, Qingdao Palet company belt extends the service life of the conveyor parts.  
4、Heat resistance, good corrosion resistance. 
5、Thin tape body can be lightweight. Light self-weight, good slotting, both to improve the transmission and reduce the transmission power, and can relatively reduce the diameter of the pulley, to achieve the purpose of saving.

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