Spiral rollers for belt conveyor

Spiral rollers for belt conveyors

Spiral rollers are mainly used to clean the debris adhering to the tape and can play a certain role in adjusting the deflection. The structure is in the form of a spiral round steel with a diameter of about 10 to 14 mm welded on the top of the common roller or a spiral groove cast rubber sleeve on the outer surface. It increases the wear resistance of the whole roller and can thoroughly clean up the adhesions on the tape. Ensure the service life of belt conveyor tape.

Friction up roller drawing

Description and fuction
1. The unique product structure makes the conveyor belt have the characteristics of non-sticky rollers, strong self-cleaning force and non-sticky belt under the environment of conveying sticky and wet materials
2. The product fundamentally solves the serious problems of corrosion, sticky rollers, tape deviation and tearing that commonly exist in belt conveyors.
3. It has novel structure, easy installation and maintenance, stable self-centered conveying, non-sticky rollers, low noise, low energy consumption and prolonged service life of the tape, etc.
4. It has strong ability to automatically correct the deviation of the belt, and at the same time, it protects and avoids the possibility of stranding and tearing of the rubber conveyor belt to the maximum extent.
5. At the same time, the maximum extension of the belt life saves energy consumption, greatly reduces production costs and improves economic efficiency.
Specific size parameters and other indicators can be changed or redesigned according to the user’s requirements or actual use.

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