What is depalletizer

Depalletizer are used in pallet conveying systems, in combination with various conveyors, to recover empty pallets from the conveying line or to distribute empty pallets to the conveying line; depalletizer and palletizer , work in the opposite form. Depalletizer separate and deliver stacked pallets one by one according to demand.

The palletizer sends the empty pallets taken from the conveyor line to the palletizer position one by one via the conveyor, automatically stacking the pallets into a pile, and the stacked pallets are stored or redistributed for use.

The structure of the depalletizer and the palletizer are basically the same, the depalletizer has all the structure and performance of the palletizer, but also an additional set of independent top fork drive mechanism.

The user can increase or decrease the storage capacity of the pallets within a defined range according to the usage requirements of the pallet storage.The depalletizer is one of the standardised forms of conveying equipment for pallet conveying systems, with the following reference pictures.


Main structure

The depalletizer has a frame symmetrical structure and consists mainly of the main frame, lifting frame, telescopic fork, lifting drive, telescopic fork drive and protective cover. The system needs to be used in conjunction with horizontal conveying equipment (chain conveyor or roller conveyor).

Basic specifications:

Standard model: maximum load capacity of 800 kg; number of pallets handled: up to 8 pallets, the load capacity can also be customised according to the working conditions.

The maximum pallet handling efficiency is 100 pallets per hour.

Lifting speed: 7m/min (frequency-controlled), jacking stroke 400mm.