Flat belt conveyor

A flat belt conveyor is the most widely used industrial belt conveyor for conveying parcels, cartons, and other items along the horizontal direction. It is widely used in logistics conveying and sorting, express e-commerce industry, white goods industry, home building materials industry, shoes and garments industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, auto parts industry, intelligent factory, automated storage factory, traditional cement industry, coal industry, etc.

Flat belt conveyor specification

Conveyor width
Maximum width 2000mm
Conveyor speed 25-120m/min

Small parts belt conveyor
Max. width 900m
Conveying speed 25-120m/min

Mini belt conveyor
Max.width 200m
Conveying speed 25-120m/min

Conveyor length.
Less than 6m frames adopt a one-piece structure, easy to transport and install.
Greater than 6m frames adopt combined form, drive section adopts the form of 1000, 2000, standard section length adopts 3000 a section.

Types of flat belt conveyor

small size flat belt conveyor PLT200

Flat belt conveyor 200

Standard length: max. 4000mm
Standard width: 150-600mm

flat belt conveyor PLT600

Flat belt conveyor 600

Standard length: max. 4000mm
Standard width: 600-2000mm

flat belt conveyor PLT1000

Flat belt conveyor 1000

Standard length: max. 20000mm
Standard width: 600-2000mm

flat belt conveyor PLT1400

Flat belt conveyor 1400

Standard length: max. 20000mm
Standard width: 800-2000mm

Flat belt conveyor design

A flat belt conveyor contains a conveyor table, sliding bed plate, side plate, bracket/leg, etc., which can be made of high-quality carbon steel material, aluminum profile material, and stainless steel material.

Belt conveyor drive unit

The drive unit of the conveyor consists of a drive drum pulley, take-up pulley, guide rollers, tensioning rollers, motors, etc.
1. The drive unit must ensure that there is space for maintenance of the drive. 
2. The drive unit is generally installed at the front end of the conveyor in the conveying direction, but if there is a special position, it can also be placed in the middle or back end of the belt conveyor
3. the drive unit is designed to ensure the versatility and interchangeability of spare parts.
4. the installation of the drive must be solid, as not to make the frame have a vibration.

Conveyor slider bed

The conveyors are all sliding bed types. Sliding bed material thickness 3mm high-quality steel plate or better material, must be precision installation, smooth and flat working surface, joints must be smooth without bumpy surface; people can walk on it without causing permanent deformation, if necessary, should be added to the lower part of the bed plate welding angle reinforcement, reinforcement angle must be welded or bolted to the frame as one, and must be fully considered when the manual unloading package impact force, appropriate increase the parts of the strength.

Belt conveyor head and tail unit

1. The head and tail of the belt machine are designed with standard length, and the length of the head and tail of the belt machine is 2000mm.
2. The head and tail pulleys are made of seamless steel pipes with thickness of 4mm or more. 3.
3. The head and tail pulleys should be installed in such a way that they are easy to load and unload. 4.
4. The length of the head and tail pulleys is less than the width of the belt, and the side protection plate is installed under the belt to avoid leaving a gap between the belt and the frame and the pallet, thus preventing the operator from sticking his fingers into the gap when carrying the package and causing a safety accident.

Coveyor belt

1. All conveyor belts used should be flame retardant and meet the requirements of ISO 340, DIN 22103, ASTM D-378 or similar standards.

2. Applicable working temperature of conveyor belt: -15℃~+45℃ for normal temperature site; -30℃~+45℃ for cold site +45 ℃.

3. Conveyor belt must be firm, soft, wear-resistant, non-polluting, and have flame retardant, anti-mildew, anti-static Low noise, non-toxic characteristics, in 5 years of life can not have obvious wear and tear and cracks.

4. PVC belt with thickness of about 3mm, double-layer polyester fabric sandwich, bottom fabric with lateral stability is used for warehouse conveying; second generation PVK belt with bottom fabric is mainly used for sorting center conveying, with impact resistance, wear resistance, cut resistance and low noise belt with thickness of not less than 3.6mm.

Side Panels

All side baffles are required to be easily dismantled during maintenance. The intersection of two conveyor side baffles is connected with round head bolts and the round head is to the inner channel side.


1. The material thickness of the equipment bracket/leg is not less than 3mm, generally made of 40*80*3T rectangular tube, and for the leg whose relative belt height exceeds 1800mm, the bearing strength should be ensured by strengthening the structure or material.
2. The high bracket/leg of the conveyor line should be reasonably arranged to avoid affecting the passage and collision of people and vehicles.

Motor transimission and reducer

1. the driving part of the conveyor should be an integral motor reducer with helical gear or bevel gear reducer. 2. the technical standard of the motor meets IEC34 and the energy efficiency class is not less than IE3.
2. the technical standard of the motor meets IEC34, energy efficiency level is not less than IE3. the supplier should offer the option of IE4 motor.
3. the motors are equipped with overheat and overload protection and are required to be equipped with frequency converters, and the motor life must be more than 50,000 hours. hours. 
4. reducer lubricant replacement time must be more than 25000 hours and no oil leakage. 5.
5. the motor is located in the personnel operating position and must be installed with a protective cover, and the cover is easy to open.

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