Pallet conveyors

Pallet conveying systems are generally used in scenarios such as automated three-dimensional warehousing, automated production lines, automated packing lines, material handling, material transfer between production stations, etc. They are characterized by being used for continuous conveying. The materials conveyed are not limited to pallets, but some structures similar to pallets can also be applied, such as: cage cars, plates, equipment racks, tooling or other special structured containers. The conveyor is conventionally configured for speeds from 10M/Min to 18M/Min, up to 24M/Min. The speed configuration of the equipment depends mainly on the form of packaging of the goods (stability of the goods) and the pallet structure. If not specified, our company provides conveyor equipment with standard speed configurations of 12M/Min and 18M/Min, and the conveyor length is designed according to the system handling capacity.

1.The standard design height adjustment of ±30mm is achieved by adjusting the feet on the base of the legs, and the adjustment height can be customized depending on the use scenario.
2.The positioning tolerance of the pallet conveying system is about ±5mm, the exact position also depends on the load on the conveying equipment and the pallet logistics performance at this time. If higher stopping accuracy is required, additional mechanical structures are required.
3.The standard design weight of the goods load (including pallet) to be conveyed by the pallet conveyor is ≤1500 kg/pallet, depending on the requirements, the maximum load can be up to 2000 kg/pallet.