Conveyor Maintenance

Routine and regular maintenance and servicing of conveyors are very important and necessary for the proper functioning of the conveying system. Qingdao PALET company not only provides conveyor installation services but also can provide conveyor and conveyor system maintenance services.

Conveyor Maintenance checklist

All parts must be regularly maintained, except for special places, once a month, the following are all parts maintenance check items:

1、Main chain oiling status
Excessive friction deformation
Tension and running status of the chain
Lock nut and chain joint fixing, prevent falling off
2、Conveyor chain and sprocket
Engagement state of sprocket and chain
3、Chain plate Whether the chain plate is loose and whether the bolt falls off
4、Track Deformation of the track
Wear and tear of the track,Is there any obstacle on the road?
5、Driving part Engagement of chain
Oiling state of the chain
The state of oiling of the shaft
Heat state of the motor reducer
——– Please refer to the manufacturer’s (operating instructions)
Oiling of reducer
——– Please refer to the manufacturer’s (instruction manual)
Tightness of fixing bolts

conveyor chain inspection

conveyor chain inspection

conveyor chain maintenance

conveyor chain maintenance

conveyor gearbox maintenance

conveyor geaxbox maintenance

6、Body Deformation of the body
Slackness of foundation bolts
7、Following part Tension of main chain
(Adjustment section) Chain tension is checked once a month.
If the chain is always slack, it is easy to jam at the break of the track when it enters into engagement with the sprocket, so pay special attention to it. The appropriate amount of slack can be judged by experience, and the chain need not be too tight, as long as the head and tail sprockets enter the track smoothly and without jamming.
(Note): There are many cases of chain jamming due to overloading of conveyors, jig jamming of surrounding equipment, foreign objects entering the chain or track, etc. Therefore, the line must be checked carefully before running and must be stopped immediately for inspection when encountering the situation.

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