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Motorized Roller Conveyors

What is motorized roller conveyor?

The Motorized conveyor is made up of 24v DC powered rollers, common rollers, and intelligent drive cards. It is a modular conveyor system where one rodillos motorizados can drive 4-6 normal conveyor rollers to form different conveyor partitions.

Motorized transportadores de rodillos are available at speeds of 2-300 m/min and can also be customized with conical, double groove, O-ring pulleys, sprockets, multi-winged belts, timing belts, etc.
Motorized roller conveyor systems are ideally suited to the conveying and transit of boxes and pallets in warehouses and are suitable for area control systems in industrial assembly lines for furniture, household appliances, automotive, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, etc.

Qingdao Palet machinery can customize and manufacture the motorized roller conveyors and supply the motorized rollers, conveyor parts, and sections according to the customer’s requirements.

Motorized roller conveyor advantage

Cost reduction: the price remains at the same level as the motor-driven model. A more advanced and cheaper alternative to the traditional motor-driven “bulky” model.

Maintenance advantages: fewer spare parts are used, so maintenance times are shorter and access is easier. Low cost of spare parts.

Safe and energy-efficient: Drum motors use a safe 24 V voltage, resulting in significant energy savings (each conveying zone can be switched on or off independently by means of an electric control/drive card).

Control with intelligent drive cards: more precise control, simple to use, and easy to maintain

motorized roller conveyor
roller intelligent drive cards

Reduced noise: In the design of the conveying system, we advocate the use of drum motor drives, which do not compromise on conveying performance compared to the noise generated by motors or chains, but reduce the noise to a more friendly level.

Equal load capacity: The 24 V drum motor has a higher torque compared to conventional motor-driven methods. In terms of load capacity, a single motorised roller conveying partition can convey goods of up to 500 kg.

Intelligent trends: industries worldwide are currently moving in the direction of digitalization and intelligence. We are keeping pace with intelligence and the drive cards will be made even smarter (for example: monitoring the internal environment of the drum motor with temperature and humidity sensors to facilitate timely detection of conveying overloads or blocked goods). It is also possible to connect and control the drive card using an upper computer, cloud platform or industrial APP.

The best choice for accumulation: Compared to the traditional “motor drive + accumulation roller + sensor” model, our “drum motor + sensor” drive allows for faster start/stop and up to 30% lower delay times.

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