Curved belt conveyor

Curved Belt Conveyor

What is curved belt conveyor

A curved belt conveyor is a type of conveying machine that moves objects at an angle. It differs from a linear conveyor in that for complex handling positions it is more convenient to use a turning machine connection. Curved belt conveyors are available at 30°, 45°, 90°, 180°, and 360° and can meet the requirements of various turning situations.

Widely used in the food, beverage, electronics, tobacco and other industries, we can choose smaller diameter drums, the perfect solution to the transition problem. This equipment is suitable for various manufacturers of flowing work, logistics conveying of small and medium-sized goods, the power system adopts frequency conversion speed control system, stable performance, safety and reliability, simple operation. The line speed is generally 30 metres per minute.

Curved belt conveyor specification and technical data

CategoriesSpecification parameters
Operating angle30°45°60°90°180°
Maximum load capacity100kg/ m² (larger loads can be customized upon request)
Maximum speed150m/min (Continuous operation and variable speed control)
curved conveyor belt width200mm-2000mm (the width of the belt can be customized)
Center RadiusR900-R1700 (Turning radius can be customized according to customer requirements)
Power SupplyThree-phase or Single-phase
Power 0.75KW-3KW (can provide more power)
Running directionReversible (clockwise or counterclockwise can be forward and reverse)
Frame MaterialCarbon steel frame, stainless steel frame or aluminum frame
curved conveyor beltPVC belts, PVK belts, PU belts, food grade belts
Drive TypeMotor gearbox,motorized drum
Motor installation methodVertical gear reducer or horizontal gear reducer on the side of the main shaft or under the body of the turning machine
Noise level≤70db (at a distance of 1m away)
Items that can be conveyedParcels, boxes or bulk goods, etc.
Application IndustryDistribution Centers,E-commerce, parcel delivery, food, medicine, furniture and home appliances, cosmetics, etc.

How do curved belt conveyor work

The curved belt conveyor is driven by a chain drive, using gears to drive a special chain on the outer edge of the belt track, and then dragging the entire curved belt through the special connecting buckle on the chain. The belt chain runs in a friction slip in the steel guide bar. The chain drive is made of heat-treated carbon steel, with a maximum chain pull of 2459 kg and a maximum load of 290 kg. The guide material in the chain groove is easily replaceable and firmly fixed in the guide groove. The number of teeth of the steel chain sprocket must be at least 40.

The belt of a curved conveyor is different from that of an ordinary belt machine. It has a fan shape and is fitted with special anti-run-out rollers (bearings plus POM) or high-frequency welded guide bars on the outside of the belt so that the belt runs in special guides. The rollers are made of special cone-shaped rubber-covered rollers to keep the belt running properly.

Curved belt conveyor design

Curved belt conveyor consisting of motor, conical roller, turning belt, head and tail pulley, frame body, chain guide bar, drive belt chain, chain cover, side stalls, guards, etc.  Qingdao Palet machinery can customize, design, and manufacture curved belt conveyors and supply the curved conveyor parts and sections according to the customer’s requirements.

1. Chain guide bars: top guide made of steel, bottom guide made of aluminium profile. 4.
2. Drive belt chain: #50 drive chain with belt connection buckle, maximum load 240Kg, chain made of heat-treated carbon steel (except for friction-driven turners)
3. Chain cover: prefabricated steel plate.

4. Head and tail pulley:
1) Steel (made of 3mm cold rolled steel) or plastic steel in a tapered shape, through shaft, no friction material added to the surface of the head and tail pulleys
2) Head and tail pulley sprockets: #50 type 27 tooth or 40 tooth angled steel sprockets
3) Head and tail pulley shaft: 45# steel
4) Head and tail pulley bearings: sealed precision bearings with cast iron seats
5) Belt return pallets: rubber surface precision bearings mounted on steel shafts or seat yards

5. Side plate: standard 3mm thick iron plate
6. Motor protection fence: the motor protection of the turning conveyor needs to be increased in the position of personnel operation, stocking, and vehicle driving through. The bottom of the turning conveyor needs to be installed with a protective net, which is easy to open for maintenance or to clean up rubbish.

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