Automotive Industry Solution - Tire automation production line

Automotive industry - Tyre lines
Automotive industry - Tyre lines

The tire industry as a traditional manufacturing and processing industry, is an important industry in the development of the national economy, in the process of its industrial development, requires a large number of resources and energy inputs. The industry’s technological progress on the industrial development of the driving force is very strong, and closely linked to the downstream automotive manufacturing industry.

Qingdao PALET company designed and manufactured a comprehensive solution for a rubber tire manufacturing plant to realize the automatic logistics transformation of many links, such as the intelligent transport and storage system for large rolls of cord fabric in the semi-product workshop, the intelligent transport system for tire embryo in the curing workshop, and the intelligent transport system for finished tire inspection in the finished inspection workshop, helping enterprises to improve production efficiency and accelerate industrial upgrading.

Semi-product workshop - Intelligent conveying and storage system for large rolls of fabric

The automatic transport and storage system for large rolls of curtain fabric in the semi-product workshop contains equipment such as a three-dimensional warehouse, automatic guided vehicle (AGV), pallet conveyor system, combined with PLC, WMS warehouse management system, REX automatic navigation system and other software and hardware technologies to achieve automatic handling and storage and transport of large rolls of curtain fabric. It meets the production demand of 2.5 million sets of tires per year and overturns the traditional logistics mode of manual handling and in-place storage. After the system is applied, it will reduce various quality losses caused by human involvement, save 80% of labor, improve production efficiency, and make the semi-product workshop move from traditional manual handling to automatic and intelligent logistics mode.

Automotive industry - Tyre lines
Automotive industry - Tyre lines

Vulcanization workshop--Tire embryo intelligent conveying system

The system addresses the problems in the vulcanizing workshop and automatically completes the transportation from the embryo to the vulcanizer through the AGV intelligent transportation system, as well as the information recording and management during the production process, which comprehensively solves the customer’s pain points. The whole production process is paperless and automated, and all AGV operations are automatically assigned by the scheduling system in the background to achieve task visualization management.

Finished Tire Inspection Workshop - Intelligent Conveyor System for Finished Tire Inspection

The system realizes a series of operations such as automatic tire transport, shaving, appearance inspection, X-ray inspection, automatic weighing, uniform motion inspection, SDS inspection, automatic reworking, automatic code identification, automatic palletizing, automatic sorting and storage for finished tires after curing, realizing intelligent inspection of finished tires in sequence and meeting the requirements of 24h continuous production.

Tire industry solutions and application effects

1. Reduce manual labor intensity and save labor cost.
2. Realize fully automatic transportation and sorting of tires from curing to loading.
3. Use gantry truss manipulator to palletize and store tires, saving space.
4.Customized development of workshop information management system to realize intelligent management of production process and improve yield rate.

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