Light-weight Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

Light-weight Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

    Product Information for Light-weight Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

    • Drive sprocket material   : Plastic sprocket(Polyamide sprockets)
    • Roller Bearing:  Plastic bearing housing, precision bearing
    • Frame Material : Galvanized carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum
    • Roller material  :Galvanized carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum,PVC
    • Roller mounting method : Female thread
    • Motor : Generally driven by AC motor, but can also be driven by two-speed motor and hydraulic motor as needed. Motor power 0.75kw~3.7kw
    • Sprocket type: 08B14T
    • Conveying speed: 20m/min
    • Between Frame width: 200~1500mm
    • Overall length : 1m~15m,Customized according to customer requirements
    • Maximum Load Capacity : Static load per roller, depending on drive arrangement and sprocket type, with a load capacity of up to 150 kg
    • Roller Spacing :  Single chain drive roller100~300(mm); Double chain drive roller88.9/101.6/114.3/127/139.7(mm)
    • Roller Dia and Roller Thickness : Metallic rollers:Φ50×1.5,Φ60×2.0  ;  PVC:Φ50×2.5

    Technical Specifications for Light-weight Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

    Roller materialRoller Dia and Roller Thickness(mm)Shaft diameter(mm)
    Galvanized carbon steel/Stainless SteelΦ50×1.5Φ12
    Galvanized carbon steel/Stainless SteelΦ50×1.5Φ15
    Galvanized carbon steel/Stainless SteelΦ60×2.0Φ12
    Galvanized carbon steel/Stainless SteelΦ60×2.0Φ15

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