Belt Diven Roller Conveyor

Types of Belt Diven Roller Conveyor

Type of  Belt drive Live roller conveyorO-belt drive Live roller conveyor,V-Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors,Timing Belt  Live Roller Conveyor.
According to structure shape, type of  Belt drive Live roller conveyor
Line shaft roller conveyor, 30° degree, 45° degree, 60° degree, 90° degree, 180° degree, Merge roller conveyor, Expandable conveyor, Portable roller conveyor.


Plastic roller conveyors

O-belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Conveying speed:1~50m/min Loads:Up to 40kg/m

Light-duty roller conveyors

V-Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Conveying speed:1~100m/min Loads:Up to 100kg/m

Light-duty roller conveyors

Timing Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Conveying speed:1~150m/min Loads:Up to 150kg/m

Product Information for Belt Diven Roller Conveyor

  • Roller material:Galvanized carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Rubber conveyor rollers

  • Frame Material: Galvanized steel ; stainless steel;aluminum

  • Roller Bearing:Plastic bearing housing, precision bearing

  • Roller Dia:Φ50,Φ60

  • Roller Spacing:75,100,120,150

  • Between Frame width:200-1500mm

  • Motor:Depending on the weight of the item and the transmission speed, 200w-10kw is used in conjunction with a reducer to ensure a stable transmission speed.

  • Applications:Box conveying

  • Suitable temperature:-5℃~+40℃

Technical Specifications for Belt Diven Roller Conveyor

Roller Dia and Roller Thickness(mm)Shaft Diameter (mm)Roller Spacing(mm)Maximum Load Capacity(KG)Between Frame width (mm)

Catalogs, Resources & Downloads for Belt Diven Roller Conveyor

Roller DiaBetween Frame widthMaximum Load Capacity (kg/m)
Plastic roller conveyorsφ20、25、30、38、50200~140060~240
Light-duty roller conveyorsφ18、25、38200~1600120~300
Medium-duty roller conveyorsφ48、50、60200~2200240~600
Heavy-duty roller conveyorsφ76、80、89200~2200500~1500

Belt Diven Roller Conveyor components

Gravity roller conveyors are mainly composed of gravity conveyor rollers, frames, and support legs . There is no drive section and does not require a motor or gearbox.

Gravity conveyor rollers

Gravity conveyor rollers

Support legs

Support legs



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