Conveyor Pulleys

conveyor pulleys

The conveyor pulley is the most important part of belt conveyor, which plays a great role for belt transmission, changing conveyor steering, and increasing belt traction. There are many types of conveyor pulleys, drum pulleys, head pulley and tail pulley, take-up pulleys, snub pulley, bend pulley, etc. Its diameter is larger than that of the conveyor rollers, and it has to bear a larger load.

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types of conveyor pulley

Drum Pulley / Drive Pulley

The drum pulley is the main component of the belt conveyor drive power. As a single-point drive, it can be divided into a single-pulley drive and a double-pulley drive. Single pulley drive is mostly used for less powerful conveyors, and double pulley drive can be used for more powerful conveyors. It is characterized by a compact structure but also can be increased around the angle to increase the traction force transmitted by the drive pulley. The use of a double pulley drive can be a multi-motor drive respectively, you can use the gear transmission device to make the two drums run at the same speed. If the double drum drive still does not need traction needs, multi-point drive can be used.

Head Pulley

The head pulley is a pulley installed at the head of the belt running direction. There are two types of head pulleys, one is used as a drive pulley and has both power transmission and redirection. The other one is used only for redirection. If the belt conveyor is articulated with the conveying line body, the diameter of the head pulley is not recommended to choose a size too large, which can reduce the clip pieces of goods and packages and make the belt run more smoothly.

Tail Pulley

The tail pulley is a pulley installed at the end of the belt running direction and has the function of redirection. The tail pulley is generally equipped with a tensioning device. The belt runout and tightness are adjusted by the tensioning device. If the tail pulley is docked to the conveyor line, it is not recommended to choose a pulley diameter that is too large.

Take up pulley

Also known as the guide pulley, the redirecting pulley is a common key component of belt conveyors. It is mainly used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt or to compress the belt to increase the angle of the belt with the drive pulley. The redirecting pulley has the characteristics of compact structure, lightweight, low occupancy, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, safe and convenient to use, and can still work normally under harsh conditions such as dusty, wet and muddy.

Idler Pulley

It is used to support the belt and reduce the resistance of the belt running, with a set of idler pulleys at regular intervals. The bearings are generally placed at the ends of the pulleys and are mounted inside the pulleys.

idler pulley

Snub Pulley

Generally placed near the head pulley or drive pulley, the pulley can be adjusted left and right along the direction of belt running. Its function is to tighten the belt and increase the pulling force of the belt.

snub pulley

Bend Pulley

It is used to change the direction of belt running, and is usually installed at the left and right ends of the drive pulley, and above the drive pulley. Its function is to increase the wrap angle of the belt conveyor roller and improve the traction of the belt.

bend pulley

Conveyor roller

Belt conveyor rollers are the most important part of the belt conveyor, and also the most occupied part of the belt conveyor. In the working process of the belt conveyor, it mainly plays the role of supporting the goods and packages on the belt of the belt conveyor, guiding the belt, reducing the resistance of belt running, and reducing the runout of the belt.

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